MSRC Membership Changes 2016

Dear Respiratory Care Practitioner,
         As the Professional Respiratory Society in Michigan, we would like to congratulate you on taking steps to maximize your career by being an MSRC member.   We hope this letter finds you in good health and cheer.
         The MSRC is changing how we organize our membership renewals. To enhance our administrative services for you, we will be changing membership renewal from a rolling calendar year to a single annual membership date of March 31, 2016, and annually thereafter. If you happened to already have renewed your MSRC membership any time after August 1, 2015, your next renewal date will not be until March 31, 2017. You will not receive a billing from us until that time and we again thank you for your membership.  Multiple year renewal will still be an available option if you desire. 
         Additionally, this year we have seen many of our members retire from being a practicing respiratory practitioner. We want to congratulate you on your years of service and dedication to those in need of respiratory support.  Whether you were in sales, product services, education, diagnostics, management or clinical support, your efforts helped many breathe easier.  As our way of thanking you for you support of the MSRC over the years, we would like to offer you a newly created Retired RCP Membership.  For the annual price of just $20.00, you can continue the benefits of learning and nurturing your interests at all MSRC functions at a discounted price.   Plus, we hope you will be willing to share your knowledge and expertise within the MSRC as a volunteer.  We are in great need of your knowledge and ideas for improvement. Call the MSRC office (517-267-3909) today to enroll in our newest membership category. 
      To paraphrase a quote from Maya Angelou, we as a profession always “try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”  The Michigan Society for Respiratory Care strives to support you in this lofty goal.
     Contact the website for renewal access.
     Thank you for your continued membership. 
                                Warm regards,
                                               Steven Hamick, BIS, RRT               Christopher Culter, BS, RRT-ACCS
                                                     MSRC President                                MSRC Membership Chair