District Representatives

MSRC Districts

The leadership of the MSRC is vested in the House of Representatives. Composed of the Executive Board and elected representatives from each district (who have voting privileges at House meetings), elected membership section chairs (who also have voting privileges) and appointed committee chairs and officers (who serve in an advisory and leadership capacity but do not vote), the House works to ably represent the best interests of the membership, our patients and our profession.


MSRC District Representatives





District 1 Representatives Vacant Vacant
District 2 Representatives Karen Kain PhD, RRT-NPS Vacant
District 3 Representatives Margaret Sue Waters, MAT, RRT-ACCS Debra Grube, RRT, MSM, BSRT
District 4 Representatives Alex Johnson, RRT Vacant
District 5 Representatives Jason Ramsey Albert Moss, MA, RRT
District 6 Representatives     Connie Lane, RRT, MA Jack Judy
District 7 Representatives Spencer Hanson, RRT, CRT Kelly Fiorino, RRT
District 8 Representatives     Shane Spaulding Kathy Gurin MA, RRT
District 9 Representatives Renee Sorovetz, RRT Anthony Iannetta
District 9 Representative (alt)    Jonathan Vono, RRT  
District 10 Representatives Laurie Niemer, MEd, RRT Richard Niemer, RRT
District 10 Representatives (cont) Roger Reichenbach Stephanie Marcincavage, BS, RRT