COPD Awareness Month

November is COPD Awareness Month. The COPD Foundation has developed a collection of images and language for you to share with your communities to help build awareness and most importantly, catalyze action.

This year the hashtag is #BreathingBetterTogether

The COPD Foundation is focused on driving awareness to COPD and related lung diseases as well as celebrating the Foundation’s unique and diverse community.

Here are some sample posts for you to share:


  1. It is #COPD Awareness Month! Join us as we amplify the voices of our amazing community and raise awareness of the disease and the lives this disease impacts. #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwarenessMonth
  2. We know there are challenging days for anyone living with #COPD. You can join our online community of nearly 50,000 people and share your experience and find welcoming friends who are always willing to listen. Register today! #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness
  3. What is #COPD? Lean more in this video from our friends @NIH_NHLBI: #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwarenessMonth
  4. How does the #COVID19 pandemic affect those with #COPD and related chronic lung diseases? Learn more in this video from the COPD Foundation: #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwarenessMonth
  5. "What is breath but a conversation between inhalation and exhalation?" #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness #COPD
  6. Help us to raise awareness of #COPD. Breath is the lifeblood of everything we are, we do, we can do. We must see it; understand it; value it. Because this is our lives. #BreathingBetterTogether
  7. I am a person living with #COPD. It does not control or define me. We can continue to live healthy and productive lives with the disease! #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness (this is just a rough thought but something like this would work)
  8. I want to make a difference! I joined the #COPD Patient-Powered Research Network so I could participate in patient driven research to improve the lives of everyone affected by this disease. Learn more:

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  1. November is COPD Awareness Month. This year in particular, we must do more than just raise awareness of this disease and related lung conditions. Currently, COPD is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world but could become the leading cause of death with increased pollution, occupational exposure and population change. We are calling to action all those interested in this space to join us in our mission to improve lives of those impacted by COPD and related lung conditions. Join us on social media using the hashtag #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness
  2. The economic cost of COPD adds up quickly. In addition to medical costs, there is time lost from the workforce and other expenses associated with the disease. Some estimates put the cost at higher than $70 billion annually. Learn more at #COPD #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness
  3. Have you downloaded the COPD Pocket Consultant Guide app? This valuable tool, available for both Android and iOS users, can help anyone living with COPD manage their condition, monitor exacerbations and develop an action plan. Learn more here: #COPD #COPDTogether #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness
  4. Living with COPD can be frustrating, scary and depressing--all at the same time. Fortunately, there are others going through similar experiences who are willing to listen. Join thousands of others in our online community, COPD360social. This is your opportunity to ask questions, share with others and support each other through the difficult days. Register today! #BreathingBetterTogether #COPDAwareness
  5. Share your own story! How is COPD affecting you?