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Membership to the MSRC offers;
But  the biggest  reason to be a member is:  PROFESSIONALISM

We are not at a job where we flip burgers all day long, or turn a sign at the construction site: slow/stop. Our education, that often proved arduous and tedious…... made us members of a profession.  A career where the quality of a person’s breath is in our very hands….. A career where learning does not stop at the degree but needs to keep evolving ..for their  sake, our patient’s sake. 

The MSRC is the only professional society in this state that is here to help you be a better Resp Care Practioner…and to paraphrase  a famous line “to be all that you can be “…for their sake.

The total number of Licensed RTs.  in the state may surprise you. …5,300. Only 14 % of all licensed RTs in the state are MSRC members. 

Here is the irony:  we could give you more…… if we had more members. 
We in the  MSRC House have dreams of providing more programs,  enhancing  our web page, providing   on line CEU opportunities, lobbying to keep our licensure. ...but available  money is always our  limiting factor.   Yes,  it costs to be a member… …isn’t your professionalism worth that?

Also, please consider this your personal invite …the MSRC House is certainly in need of additional, dedicated volunteers. Maybe it is your turn to give back to a society that has enhanced your profession SO much. We need district reps, committee members, anywhere you would like to help…..we could use you and welcome you.

Let’s make a strong effort to make our profession even stronger.    Join Today. TOGETHER WE CAN!!!!
Many thanks to those who are already members.   Please consider volunteering as a district rep, conference planner, membership, or any other capacity that you may like.  We are always in need of fresh ideas.

Warm regards,
Eileen MacDonell, BS, RRT
MSRC Membership Chair

For more information on MSRC including membership categories, please click here to download a membership brochure and application.


AARC Membership Benefits

The AARC Benefits and Services Site offers membership benefits and even has PDFs that can be downloaded and printed. On this page, you will also want to click through to Professional Development and the NBRC $40 discount for the first-time exam for AARC members. This would be an immediate financial return on your investment in membership. And if you click on Join Now at the top of the benefits page, it takes you to the page where students can join online or download an application form.

Click here to view the AARC Benefits & Services Site




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