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Support HR 2948 - Medicare Telehealth Parity Act!

We are asking you to support HR 2948 which is a bi-partisan bill that would address the limited and ‘out-of-date’ coverage of Medicare telehealth services.  Telehealth services are a significant and rapidly growing component of efficient healthcare delivery in the United States. HR 2948 would include/expand respiratory services to our pulmonary patients as well as to add respiratory therapists as ‘qualified telehealth providers’.


November is COPD Awareness Month!


November is COPD Awareness Month and we are doing our part by supporting the COPD Foundation. How will YOU tell your friends, family, and community about the third leading cause of death in the U.S.?



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We are committed to advancing the science and practice of respiratory care through the continued learning and promotion of innovative and evidence-based clinical applications.

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We are committed to providing effective leadership by encouraging professional excellence and advancement in a proactive forum. We provide a number of educational opportunities for our members and other interested medical professionals.


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The MSRC is committed to health, healing and disease prevention through education, information sharing and partnerships with other professional associations and patient advocacy group.

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